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Divident for early 6 months

On July 30, 2009 Sea Minh Hai announced to its shareholders the first divident distribution for 2009.

A divident rate of 7.5% per share for six months of 2009 will be distributed to shareholders on Aug. 20. They can get it in cash directly, through mail service or wire transfer.


2009 Shareholder Meeting

Today March 31 Sea Minh Hai has issued letters to invite its shareholders to take part in Annual Shareholder Meeting.

The meeting will be held on April 17, 2009 at Bac Lieu Hotel Meeting Room ((4-6 Hoang Van Thu St., Ward 3, Bac Lieu Town, Bac Lieu Province. Phone: 0781-3822437).

Shareholders will hear and discuss various reports on last year business results, this year targets, financial report, antidumping case situation, Lang Tram Project etc.....


Share Issuing Approved

On Sept. 30, 2008, the State Securities Commission of Viet Nam (SSCV) has approved Sea Minh Hai's share issuing plan to raise its charter capital from VND 40 billion to VND 56 billion.(SSCV's Correspondence No 1953/UBCK-QLPH).
The correspondense is as follows.


Issuing bonus shares

As reported earlier on the issuing of bonus shares to increasing the company charter capital from VND 40 billion to VND 56 billion, Sea Minh Hai officailly announced this plan today. This is somewhat delayed to waite for the approvement of the State Securities Commission of Viet Nam (SSCVN). On Sept 30, the SSCVN has correspondence to Sea Minh Hai not to object Sea Minh Hai's plan to issue the shares to raise charter capital.


2008 Shareholder Meeting

As informed earlier to all shareholders, the Seaprodex Minh Hai's general 2008 Shareholder Meeting shareholders' meeting was held in the morning of April 19, 2008.

Nearly 40 shareholders were present. They own more than 70% of charter capital (their own shares and/or authorized by other shareholders).

In the meeting the shareholders heard reports of the 2007 business results, 2008 business targets and other important reports:


USD 2.8 Bil. Export Target

VN Ministry of Fishery said the fishery export value targeted at USD 2.8 billion.

While the export value of fishery product of VN in 2005 is USD 2.65 billion, a 10% increasing as compare to that of 2004, the new targets for 2006 seem moderate. However to ensure to achieve these targes, it is necessary to concentrate on building strong brands, quality standard conformance and traceability. It is also necessary to expand and dig more into possible markets such as EU, Japan and USA.



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