2013 dividend distribution

Sea Minh Hai today has announced its dividend distribution for 2013 to all its shareholders.

A dividend of 10%  of the share face value will be paid in cash or bank transferring to its shareowner based on the shares owned to March 18, 2014.

The owners can either get dividend in cash directly at company address (Km 2231, Lang Tram, Tan Phong, Gia Rai County,  Bac Lieu Province), or by bank transferring / post service by filling the appropriate request form and send it to the company Accounting Department by fax (781-3846706) or by post service. 


Marubeni acquired the US shrimp distributor Eastern Fish


The Japanese conglomerate and multinational Marubeni (est. 1858, 2013 sales: USD 51 billion) has announced that they agrreed to buy the US shrimp importer and distributor Eastern Fish at USD 56.7 mil. 

The acquisition will help it to expand more their shrimp business in both Japan and the US. 

It is known that seafood sales of Marubeni is USD 230 million per year with a quantity of about 23,000 metric tons. 

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2013: "pivot" year for Sea Minh Hai

Sea Minh Hai a shrimp processor and exporter that has been operating for many years in the industry known by many buyers from important markets as a reliable black tiger shrimp supplier with stable quality, big volumes and has various products.

However in order to maintain their existence in this volatile industry, all companies must give their ceaseless efforts in various related factors. Sea Minh Hai is no difference to this rule.


Maruha Nichiro President to step down due to food contamination

The president of the Japan biggesst fishery company, Maruha Nichiro, Mr. Toshio Kushiro, will step down from March 31, 2014 due to the company food contamination scandal affected to thousands of Japanese who used the products contaminated with Malathion at a concentration of upto 2,200 ppm.

The scandal was reported after many Japanese after using the foods made by Aqlifoods Corp plant in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, have vomitted, stomack ache...The affected numbers can reach thousand persons as reported by various sources.


Darden Restaurants to spin-off Red Lobster

Darden Restaurants is the biggest restaurant system in the US (and the world). It operates a total 2,105 restaurants in 50 states. Of this number, 822 are Olive Garden, 678 are Red Lobster, 430 are LongHorn Steakhouse, 49 are The Capital Grille, 44 are Yard House, 33 are Bahama Breeze, 31 are Seasons 52, 9 are Eddie V's Prime Seafood, six are combined of Red Lobster and Olive Garden in the same site for testing, and 3 are Wildfish Seafood Grille.


VN farmers switched to Vannamei

In 2013, Vannamei becomes the most important shrimp species cultured in VN.

It is well known that for many years Black Tiger production in Viet Nam has been bigger than other shrimp species (white vannamei, scampi etc.), but situation has changed in 2013. Source from Viet Nam's VASEP recently shows that Vannamei has equalled Black Tiger in its export value between the second and the third quarter of the year, and has surpassed BT value at the end of the third quarter.

According to VASEP's third quarter report, the export value of vannamei during Q1 and Q3 of 2013 as follows.


Maruha bought 50% shares of Austral Fisheries

Dec 4th, 2013: Maruha bought 50% shares of Austral Fisheries (an Australian company)
The world biggest seafood company, Maruha Nichiro Seafoods, has bought 50% shares of Austral Fisheries (one of the biggest fishery companies in Australia).

No subsidies found, ITC finally ruled

In a surprised decision voting 4 to 2, the ITC has ruled out that no subsidies CVD rates will applied to the 7 shrimp exporting countries to the US. The ITC had issued its final decision on Friday 20 Sept, 2013.


Final CVD rates for 7 shrimp supplying countries

US DOC yesterday August 13, 2013 has assigned the final rates for 7 supplying countries in the recent CVD case filed last year by Coalition Shrimp Industries against the biggest supplying countries that shipped shrimp products into US market.

These 7 countries in 2012 shipped a total value of USD 3.45 billion to USA. By countries from the biggest to the smallest value shipped are Thailand (USD 1.1 billion), Indonesia (USD 634 million), India (USD 551 million), Ecuador (USD 500 million), Viet Nam (USD 426 million), Malaysia (USD 142 million) and China (USD 102 million).


DOC preliminary CVD decision for frozen warm water shrimp

On May 29, 2013, DOC has announced its prelimimary CVD decision on frozen warm water shrimp from seven countries that have shipped the products to the US.

General speaking, DOC has use a rather wide CVD range, from de minimis (1% for developed countries and 2% for developing countries) for packers from Indonesia and Ecuador, to the very high of 62.74% for packers from Malaysia.



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