McKinsey Research Report on VN

In February 2012, the widely-known McKinsey Global Institute has published its economic research on Viet Nam current economy and its expectancy for the next phase.

The report reveals that two out of 3 important drivers that has helped VN to achieve a high rate of economic developing in the past 2 decades will get less important in the next economic growth, while VN is facing many obstructs that it has to solve. Besides it has to make use of new drivers if it would maintain its economic growth at targeted rate for the next decade.


6th Administrative Review Preliminary Results

Today DOC has issued its prelimimary review result for VN shrimp dumping rate.

The rate for the mandatory respondents and the separate rate firms are,

- Mandatory respondents:

Minh Phu: 0.09 % (de minimis)

Nha Trang Seafoods: 0 %

- Separate-rate packers: all are at 1.03% except Camimex (0.8%)

- VN wide: 25.76%

The review result was signed by Lorald K. Lorentzen on Feb 28, 2012.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012


Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting Completed

The Ectraordiary Shareholder Meeting has been held in the morning of Saturday December 10, 2011 in Sea Minh Hai Head office in Lang Tram Factory.

You can find the Meeting's Resolution in the Shareholder Relation Section's Announces and Notices.

Below are some pictures of the meeting.


Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting Convened

Sea Minh Hai today Nov. 24, 2011 has issued a letter to convene its shareholders to an extraordinary shareholder meeting to be held on December 10, 2011 at its Company Main Office Meeting Room (Km 2231- National Road 1A, Tan Phong Village, Gia Rai County, Bac Lieu Province, VN).


October- National Seafood Month

Being a business firm dealing with seafood, perhaps you know the US National Seafood Month.


VN Shrimp Case: POR 5 Final Review Results

On Aug. 31, the US Department of Commerce (DOC) has issued the final result dumping rates for the mandatory respondents, the separate rate companies and the country wide rate companies. The raties applied are as follows for those companies exporting their shrimp products to USA:

Mandatory companies:


1st Divident Distribution of 2011

Sea Minh Hai has announced the first dividend distribution plan for the year of 2011.


Shrimp export during six months of 2011

VASEP has reported statistics of VN shrimp export for the first half of 2011 in its Seafoods Weekly News No. 27 (July 22). The data shows that there's some growing in the total export quantity and value as compared to the same period of 2010, however market shares of some important players shows some changes, for example Thailand gets a higher position than Viet Nam in Japan market.

Below is the table you can find in the report.



Annual Shareholder Meeting Resolution and Divident Distribution

As reported, the Annual Shareholder Meeting held in Bac Lieu yesterday morning April 23. The Resolution of the Meeting passed at the Meeting is posted here so that shareholders can easily get it.

In addition to this we also post the announcement of the 2nd divident distribution plan (will be paid from May 10 to 20, 2010) and related request forms for easy reference.



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