Annual Shareholder Meeting Resolution and Divident Distribution

As reported, the Annual Shareholder Meeting held in Bac Lieu yesterday morning April 23. The Resolution of the Meeting passed at the Meeting is posted here so that shareholders can easily get it.

In addition to this we also post the announcement of the 2nd divident distribution plan (will be paid from May 10 to 20, 2010) and related request forms for easy reference.

Cash can be received at Lang Tram (Address: Km 2231, National Road 1A, Tan Phong Village, Gia Rai County, Bac Lieu Province (Phone: 781-3846810, Fax: 781-3846706), or shareholders can ask it to be transferred to their account or sent to them by post service.



Láng Trâm,
QL1A huyện Giá Rai
9° 10' 55.9596" N, 105° 17' 28.4316" E