October- National Seafood Month

Being a business firm dealing with seafood, perhaps you know the US National Seafood Month.

Sources show that since 1940s the USD's National Fishery Institute has organized the National Seafood Week to promote seafood usage. Later on the event was celebrated in the whole month of October each year, so it is calle The National Seafood Month.

When the US became a highly industrialized country, people also see that there is also a negative effects it poses to human health. Living habits have changed in industrialized society, they use more processed foods, they led a less physical activity daily life, they consumed so much red meat (beef)... The results are now the leading causes of the diseases and deaths are from cardio-vascular diseases, cancers, and other serious health problems. People then now seriously look at the result of scientist studies on the benefits of using seafoods. National health organizations now encourage the American to use more seafoods at at leat twice per week to get the benefits of it.

The Seafood Month in 2001 is celebrated with many practical activities and informed widely by medias, esp. by the NFI. You can access this link to have useful information.


Many restaurants look at this as a good occasion to launch their promotion compaigns. Let's look at one of these promotions during the National Seafood Month by a restaurant at their web site.

Pescatore Palace Restaurant
October's National Seafood month!  

Vito Barbanente, chef/owner of Pescatore Palace believes October is a glorious month. October is not just a glorious month because leafs begin changing color and the weather is mild, but because it is National Seafood month. Seafood is a glorious thing to Vito, a native of Mola di Bari, Italy, a small fishing town that lies on the Adriatic coast...

Full information can be read at this link http://www.pescatorepalace.com/national-seafood-month.htm

How practical the promotion is!

Some information for the National Seafood Month:

- There are about 200,000 people gathered to celebrate the National Seafood Day at Morehead City, North Carolina (USA East Coast). Here they can see food competitions by famous chefs and enjoy their wonderful foods prepared with the sustainability concerns. Keith Rhodes of the TV BRAVO show widely known.
- Art exhibitions on marine related topics at Pacific Grove Natural History Museum and art exhibition at  Pacific Grove Natural History Museum.
- Fisheries Innovation Fund second round contributes more resources to fishermen, non-profint organizaitions,
- Movement to end overfishing and Magusion Act for its 35 years in affect.. 
and other actual axamples of real person in action such as Mrs Laura Anderson, owner of Local Ocean Seafoods telling us her experience in how she uses the seafood resources sustainably.

- The US seafood industy worlth USD 72 billion and engages more than 2 million persons. 84% of US seafoods are imported and worlth of USD 9 billion.

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