DOC preliminary CVD decision for frozen warm water shrimp

On May 29, 2013, DOC has announced its prelimimary CVD decision on frozen warm water shrimp from seven countries that have shipped the products to the US.

General speaking, DOC has use a rather wide CVD range, from de minimis (1% for developed countries and 2% for developing countries) for packers from Indonesia and Ecuador, to the very high of 62.74% for packers from Malaysia.

Between these two extremes are the various CVD rates, some are rather low for Thailand exporters (2.09%) to some considerably high as rates applied for China (5.76%), India (up to 6.10%), and Viet Nam (up to 7.05% for Nha Trang Seaproduct Company).

The details of the CVD rates as in below table, or you can check DOC's document here.

ChinaGuolian Aquatic Products Co., Ltd and its affiliates5.76%
 All others5.76%
EcuadorSociedad Nacional de Galapagos C.A.0.7% (de minimis)
 Promarisco S.A.0.39% (de minimis)
 All others(de minimis)
IndiaDevi Fisheries Limited10.41% (cash deposit rate: 6.10%)*
 Devi Seafoods Ltd.11.32% (deposit rate: 5.72%)
 All others10.87% (deposit rate: 5.91%)
IndonesiaPT. Central Pertiwi Bahari0.81% (de minimis)
 PT. First Marine Seafoods1.22% (de minimis)
 All othersde minimis
MalaysiaAsia Aquaculture (M) Sdn. Bhd.10.8%
 Kian Huat Aquaculture Sdn. Bhd.62.74%
 All others 62.74$
ThailandMarine Gold Products Limited1.75% (de minimis)
 Thai Union Frozen Products Public Co. Ltd (and its affiliate Thai Union Seafood Co., Ltd)2.09%
 All others2.09%
VietnamMinh Qui Seafoods Co. Ltd.5.08%
 Nha Trang Seaproduct Company7.05%
 All others6.07%

*  Due to the termination of certain subsidy programs prior to this preliminary determination, Commerce applied adjusted as seen in the table.


Petitions FiledDec 28, 2012
DOC Initiation dateJan 17, 2013
ITC Preliminary DeterminationsFeb 11, 2013
DOC Preliminary DeterminationsMay 28, 2013
DOC Final DeterminationsAugust 12, 2013
ITC Final Determinations *Sept 26, 2013
Issuance of Orders **Oct 03, 2013

NOTE: Commerce preliminary and final determination deadlines are governed by statute. For CVD investigations, the deadlines are set forth in sections 703 and 705 of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended. These deadlines may be extended under certain circumstances.

†Where the deadline falls on a weekend/holiday, the appropriate date is the next business day.

*This will take place only in the event of final affirmative determinations from Commerce.

**This will take place only in the event of final affirmative determinations from Commerce and the ITC.