Final CVD rates for 7 shrimp supplying countries

US DOC yesterday August 13, 2013 has assigned the final rates for 7 supplying countries in the recent CVD case filed last year by Coalition Shrimp Industries against the biggest supplying countries that shipped shrimp products into US market.

These 7 countries in 2012 shipped a total value of USD 3.45 billion to USA. By countries from the biggest to the smallest value shipped are Thailand (USD 1.1 billion), Indonesia (USD 634 million), India (USD 551 million), Ecuador (USD 500 million), Viet Nam (USD 426 million), Malaysia (USD 142 million) and China (USD 102 million).

For the CVD rates from the highest to lowest are Malaysia's rates (from 10.8% to 54.5%), China's (18.16%), Ecuador's (10.13% to 13.51%), Viet Nam's (up to 7.88%) and India's (5.54% to 6.16%). Two countries are found de minimis, and  are not assigned any rates. These are the two biggest suppliers to US (Thailand and Indonesia).

It is scheduled that these final rates will be approved by the ITC in September before being effective.

The CVD case may cause more difficulties to shippers in countries who have been assigned rates in the shrimp dumping case and are now assigned new CVD rates. In the worst case it is very probable they cannot ship their products to the US at all. For the US shrimp fishermen and consumers this means little difference, it cannot help the US shrimp sector in the long run and the US consumers will suffered. John Sackton of estimates that in case Thailand receives de minimis rate, the consumers have to pay 1.9% more for the shrimp they use.