No subsidies found, ITC finally ruled

In a surprised decision voting 4 to 2, the ITC has ruled out that no subsidies CVD rates will applied to the 7 shrimp exporting countries to the US. The ITC had issued its final decision on Friday 20 Sept, 2013.

ITC decision is the final step to validate the DOC final decicion put out in August 13 this year. In this decision, DOC had concluded that 5 out of 7 countries have been found certain subsidies and have issued various rates from 1.15% to as high as 54.50% for companies in 5 countries except those from Thailand and Indonesia. This rate must be finalized by ITC decision, and as we know above, the ITC decision has negated all of DOC decision, and therefore no rate will be applied to 7 countries named by the Coalition of Gulf Shrimp Industries filed in the end of 2012, ended this complex case.