Maruha Nichiro President to step down due to food contamination

The president of the Japan biggesst fishery company, Maruha Nichiro, Mr. Toshio Kushiro, will step down from March 31, 2014 due to the company food contamination scandal affected to thousands of Japanese who used the products contaminated with Malathion at a concentration of upto 2,200 ppm.

The scandal was reported after many Japanese after using the foods made by Aqlifoods Corp plant in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, have vomitted, stomack ache...The affected numbers can reach thousand persons as reported by various sources.

It was reported that on December 29, 2013 the company has recalled 6.3 million bags of frozen foods, including pizzas and crokettte. 

It is known from the company source that the company has lowered it income expectation for 2013 down to 4.5 billion yen from 7 billion.

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