Windows 8 are not allowed to buy in Chinese Central Government offices

It is widely reported by medias that Windows 8- the newest Microsoft OS is not allowed to procure for Chinese's Central government office use.

Reason for the ban is that they want to avoid being put in the "mess" of not being supported by Microsoft since April 2014 like the expired XP operation system which is used by about 50% PC in China. They mentioned that the locally developed Linux OS such as Kylin and StartOS will have better ground to  grow with the move.

The action surprises Microsoft as announced by its spokeman, and that "Microsoft has been working proactively with the Central Government Procurement Centre and other government agencies through the evaluation process to ensure that our products and services meet all government procurement requirements.

"We have been and will continue to provide Windows 7 to government customers. At the same time we are working on the Window 8 evaluation with relevant government agencies."

It is well known that the former CEO, Mr. Steve Balmer once said that due to software piracy in China, the company earned less that that of in Netherlands while the use of this software matched to that of in the US. With the newest move by Chinese government, it is certainly Microsoft sales in this county will be seriously affected, although the ban does not applied to sectors outside of government offices.