Viet Nam POR 10 Preliminary Results for Warm Water Shrimp

On March 10, 2016 DOC posted on the Federal Register the preliminary results of the POR10 of the warm water anti-dumping case against India, Thailand and Viet Nam.
You can read these reports at these contries at these links: Viet Nam, India and Thailand.

For Viet Nam packers the result are unfavorable and will affect to their shipments to the USA.
Two Viet Nam mandatory respondents have the rates of 2.86% and 4.78% (Minh Phu and Stapimex respectively). At these levels the average rate for the separate rate companies is at 3.56%, much higher than the final POR 9's.

Mean while the Thailand exporters have more favourable result as they got the rates at 1.36 và 0% (A Foods 1991 Co and Thai Union respectively). With this the average rate for other separate rate shippers is only 1.36.

The results of Indian packers are not good. The 2 mandatory respondents got the rates of 0.8 and 8.32% (Falcon Marine Exports and The Liberty Group respectively), and the everage for other shippers are at 4.98%, a little higher then VN packers.

The explanation for this much higher rates for VN packers is of 3 main factors

1. This time DOC values the frozen shrimp
2. They change their product code for shrimp head and shell, resulting in much lower price
3. They exclude other wastes

Though this is only the preliminary results but at this much higher levels VN packers will meet much difficulty when ship their products to the US, because buyers would always want to avoid actual unpredictable costs, and will switch to suppling countries that have no dumping rates (as Indonesia), or lower rates (as Thailand).