The 2nd divident distribution

On Nov. 25, 2009 Seaprodex Minh Hai has announced it's 2nd divident distribution for this this.

It is known that the divident amount distributed this time equals 7.5% of company charter capital.

As usual, shareholders can get their divident in two ways: by cash at either of below addresses:
1. Company Ca Mau Office at 16 Phan Dinh Phung, Ward 4, Ca Mau Province. Phone: 0780-3834563 (Accounting Department/ Mr. Nhan)
2. Factory 69. Km 2186, Ward 8, Bac Lieu Town, Bac Lieu Province, Viet Nam. Phone: 0781-3790149 (Ms Hong)

or by bank transfer.or by post office. Depending on the preferred way, shareholder should fill in the appropriate forms: by bank transfer or by post service.

The divident will be paid for the shareholders from December 20, 2009.

You can get the announcement here.

So far in this year Sea Minh Hai has twice made divident distributions to its shareholders with total amound up to 15% of the company charter capital.