VN Shrimp Export to Nov 2009

Statistic data of VN Customs shows that to the end of Nov 2009, VN has exported

Volume: (m/tons) 190,490
Value: (USD Bil.) 1,518

There are more than 300 VN exporters, but 60 of these have 80% market share. This means that large part of these exporters are of small scale.

Shrimp has been shipped to 82 markets, but only 10 markets have imported more than 80% of VN exported quantity. These 10 markets are Japan, US, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Taiwan and South Korea.

Black Tiger shrimp is the most common species raised and exported: 70% of quantity sold overseas is Black Tiger. Vannemei shrimp quantity continues rising, but this tendency will takes time before it can take significant percentage compared to the Black Tiger shrimp.

Vietfish International V.7-1(33). P. 26