2013: "pivot" year for Sea Minh Hai

Sea Minh Hai a shrimp processor and exporter that has been operating for many years in the industry known by many buyers from important markets as a reliable black tiger shrimp supplier with stable quality, big volumes and has various products.

However in order to maintain their existence in this volatile industry, all companies must give their ceaseless efforts in various related factors. Sea Minh Hai is no difference to this rule.

Among the problem they have to face, and this may be very particular to individual packer, are facilities and equipments, regular and skilled workers, quality programs applied or other higher requirements such as responsibilities of the factory managers and the climate changing ("green" products, environment friendly products), or esponsibilities of the managers to workers lives and benefits of the workers (social responsibilities), or very basic problems of a food manufacturer, such as food security or safety, or the inputs, outputs of the manufacturing, such as suppliers and buyers. 

And it's truth that from the establishment utp to now, depending on each period, Sea Minh hai have been ceaselessly improved itself as a sefood manufacturer whose products are supplied to the strictest markets, and among these, the largest part of its market shares is for the developed countries.

It is the first times in 2013 the value of exported shrimp from Vannamei is higher than that of the black tiger. This is very important, because unlike Thailand where it took only 2 years or so to switch from black to to vannamei, it takes Viet Nam more than a decade to do so after the vannamei species has been first introduced into this country.

Difficulties in black farming in the Mekone Delta have caused unpredicted catching quantity and hard competitions between the packers.   This has resulted in high-to-the-sky collecting price of black tiger material, unknown to international market price.  In such situation white vannamei which has been cultured here for sometimes have an opportunity to expand so that it can substitute for the shortage of quantity of the black tiger.

Until the middle of 2013, Sea Minh Hai is basically a black tiger processor and exporter. With the serious shortage of black tiger material, most of its factories have operated part of the time and part of the capacity - only some hours per day. Low production results in low salary for the workers (the workers salary is paid based on their work). It is at this time that a "pivot" from black tiger to vannamei which are now available more and more in the Mekong Delta as basic materials is absolutely needed.

And the decision to switch to vannamei was made in the middle of 2013. Since then, the production and sales have clearly improved.  With more working time, workers salary has been improved, and they are more confident to stay with their jobs.

Results of this "pivot" changing is easily seen if we look at statistic data: for the early six months sales, the value is USD 18 million, but for the last six months sales, the number doubled (USD 37 million. The quantity processed by factories has been changed in similar trend: 1,441 and 2,838 metric tons for the first and last half of the year  (see illusted data below).

Giá trị XK theo tháng

2013 poroduction by month

With this result in VASEP statistic data Sea Minh Hai is among the top 10 shrimp companies. And for the US  market only Sea Minh hai is also in the top 10 biggest company shipped shrimp to the US. We can confidently say that with this "pivot", in 2014 we will make more achievement. Workers lives will be improved more, and we will contribute an important part in the industry exports and country exports. 

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