2nd Divident Distribution

As agreed at the Annual Shareholders Meeting of 2016, today it is announced the schedule for the 2nd divident distribution.


2016's Annual Shareholders' Meeting Minutes and Decisions

Sea Minh Hai's 2016 Annual Shareholders Meeting had been held in Bac Lieu as scheduled.

On the morning of April 8th, 2016 the Meeting had been held in the Bac Lieu with the presence of 33 shareholders and representatives of shareholders  and guests.

The attendants has worked in the morning, heard and discussed many topics presented in varous the reports and reached final agreement through voting.  The minutes and resolutions of the meeting were approved by attendants, and you can read here at these links:


2016 General Shareholders Meeting's Documents

Further to the 2016 General Shareholders Meeting Invitation Letter already posted on this site, we are pleased to post here other documents and reports to be heard and discussed at the Meeting. These are,


Viet Nam POR 10 Preliminary Results for Warm Water Shrimp

On March 10, 2016 DOC posted on the Federal Register the preliminary results of the POR10 of the warm water anti-dumping case against India, Thailand and Viet Nam.
You can read these reports at these contries at these links: Viet Nam, India and Thailand.


2016 Shareholder General Meeting Invitation Letter

2016 Shareholders General Meeting will be held on April 8, 2016 at 1st Fl, Bac Lieu Guest House, Hung Vuong St., Bac Lieu City.

Time: From 8:30 AM

Company's shareholders can see Invitation Letter, Meeting Agenda, and Letter of Authorization at this link.


Merry Christmas


2015's 1st Dividend Announcement

Today Sept 19, 2015 Sea Minh Hai announced to all its shareholders the first dividend to be distributed.

As stated in the Announcement, a dividend equal to 7% of share face value will be paid from Oct. 14, 2015 in cash or bank transfer or through post service (shareholders have fill-in the appropriate request form seen attached to the announcement). 

The The full announcement can be read at this link.


2012's Bumble Bee worker death case

On August 12, 2015 a LA court had put a record charge of USD 6 million settlement to Bumble Bee for the death case caused to its worker, Mr. Jose Melena on Oct. 11, 2012 while working in the cylinder oven. He was trapped inside one of the ovens and was slowly burned to dead in a  strikingly safety viololation ever known in the tuna canning industry.


2014's 2nd Divident Payment

As decided at the 2015 General Shareholders Meeting, the company divident payment for 2014 will be made to all shareholders starting from April 28, 2015.

Shareholders can get divident in cash at Company's Accounting Department  Office (Km 2231, National Road 1A, Tan Phong, Gia Rai, Bac Lieu), it can be paid through transferring to their account,  or paid through post service (in this case they have to fill a request form attached to the divident announcing letter sent to each shareholder).


2015 General Shareholders Meeting Resolutions and Minutes

As reported the 2015 General Shareholders Meeting had been held and completed on last week Friday morning (April 3, 2015).

For shareholders' easy reference we have posted the 2015 General Shareholders Meeting's Resolutions and Minutes at the relevant menu Shareholders' Meeting.



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