Documents for 2015 Shareholders' Meeting

For easy reference to the documents used at the Annual General Shareholders Meeting please check at the links below.

1. Meeting Agenda

2. Report of the Board of Controllers

3. Finacial Report for 2014

4. Financial Report for 2014 (summary)


Invitation to Attend 2015's General Shareholders' Meeting

The company's annual General Shareholders Meeting will be held on Apjril 3, 2015 at the Meeting Room of Bac Lieu People Committee Guesthouse.

The meeting will be from 9 AM till end of the morning.

Please check the Invitation Letter, meeting agenda, and Authorizing Letter at General Shareholders Meeting menu.

Shareholders may interest in viewing the Company's Financial Report (audited) for 2014 at this link.


Sea Minh Hai's Staffs Celebrated Tet At Mui (Year of the Goat New Year Holiday)

More than 700 staffs and workers of Sea Minh Hai's factories in the Bac Lieu City area has celebrated the Year of the Goat in the afternoon of February 14 (the 26th day of the last month in the Lunar Calendar) at Factory 69, and more than 300 staff members and workers of Lang Tram Factory also celebrated the New Year in the afternoon of February 17, 2015 (29th day of the last Lunar month).

With rather good business results in 2014, all staff and workers get bonus for Tet Holiday, besides attending a  warming party to celebrate the New Year with joyful songs and performances.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


First Divident of 2014

First Divident Distribution Notice 

For Sea Minh Hai's shareholders convenient usage, the notice of the Fist Divident for 2014 which was sent to all shareholders in early of July is posted here.


Announcement on Registration on the Hanoi Stock Exchange listing

In carrying out the Resolution of the General Shareholder's Meeting, Seaprodex Minh Hai is now proceeding on necessary steps to register to public listing in the Ha Noi Stock Exchange. We have just issued an announcement on the scheduled time to get the shareholders list for the registration.

The announcement was sent to every shareholder by post, however for convenience shareholders can read and download the form of the announcement at this link.



Windows 8 are not allowed to buy in Chinese Central Government offices

It is widely reported by medias that Windows 8- the newest Microsoft OS is not allowed to procure for Chinese's Central government office use.

Reason for the ban is that they want to avoid being put in the "mess" of not being supported by Microsoft since April 2014 like the expired XP operation system which is used by about 50% PC in China. They mentioned that the locally developed Linux OS such as Kylin and StartOS will have better ground to  grow with the move.


VND 200 million contribution to “Joint Forces in Protecting Viet Nam East Sea"

As a response to the call to raise fund named “Joint forces in protecting Viet Nam East Sea”  by VASEP, Sea Minh Hai has contributed VND 200 million.

In addition to this all its employees are called to contribute 2 day salary for the fund.


Sea Minh Hai: Q1-2014 positive results

Fishery industry has passed the year 2013 full of difficulties and changes.


Server upgraded, no service in 3 hours

On April 17, 2014 the site's server was upgraded by the hosting company, so Sea Minh Hai's website is out of service from 1 PM to about 4 PM.

The site has been online as usual since about 4 PM yesterday.

It's is normal for the internet hosting company or site administrators to do the upgrade when it's necessary: when the server's need new OS version, when the CMS needs new update patches, or even a module needs a prompt update to solve a serious vulnerability found.



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